About us.

The Bodyflex staff are here to provide a comfortable and enjoyable training environment in which everybody will be catered for. Bodyflex is a diverse but user friendly gym, where a lasting, active lifestyle can be achieved.

In the gym we cater for the general public who just want to stay fit all the way to aspiring top amateur bodybuilders and sports people.

Bodyflex is a club with no gimmicks, it’s simple, effective, motivated and a fun environment for people that want to push themselves to the next level or just to maintain a healthy life style.

Bodyflex is a throwback to the old school, a gym like gyms used to be yet staying clean and modern: With the help of our staff and our diverse equipment we are suitable for beginners who do not know the difference between a dumbbell and a squat rack! right through to experienced trainers who have been hitting the gym for many years, male and female, young and….the mature!

All are welcome at Bodyflex Bradford

We are also part of the PayAsYouGym.com scheme too